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Travel Companion ® is an innovative software based on the geolocation technology, that turns any personal smartphone (android or iOS) into a personalized interactive and location aware visitor guide. It is composed by a cross platform player that can deliver automatically multimedia content to a user whenever it comes in proximity to a given point of interest, and a management platform that allows the creation of multimedia contents to be delivered.

With this system, Proxximity wants to create a new way of visiting a city, allowing any user to explore the place in-depth without following any predetermined itinerary or timeline. The product’s “heads-up” approach and use of geolocation technology greatly increases visitor engagement and satisfaction and Travel Companion technology enables content to be updated or revised in real time, making it ideal for temporary exhibition.

Each content can contain text, pictures, videos, geo-location map , audio tracks, and will be developed in different languages, transforming user’s smartphone into high-quality, cost effective interactive personal tour guide. Travel Companion allows the user to personalise the content by creating his own point of interest, taking a picture, shooting a video, recording the position and his personal voice message, bringing back home pleasant memories to share with friends and family. This platform is highly flexible and can cover other domains (like educational and hospitality) by creating specific thematic contents in the form of gamification or augmented reality applications, for outdoor and indoor settings

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City Guides

Travel Companion technology is perfect if applied to the city guides sector. Being based in Malta, we have developed our cutting edge content, Valletta Travel Companion - a high-quality GPS based city scale visitor guide that let the user explore more that 160 points of interest across the entire city of Valletta. We plan to leverage our proprietary platform to create and launch additional city scale guides in the near future
Valletta Travel Companion


Valletta Travel Companion is our first city-scale content. It contains:
  • more than 160 points of interest,
  • in depth explanation of the city history,
  • geolocation technology,
  • 3 differents mode of use: guided tour, point of intrerest, photo gallery,
  • possibility to create own point of interest with audio, text and location,
  • available for Android and iOS,
  • multi languages.

Product Questions

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