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  Our daily lives have been greatly impacted by the spread of COVID-19 across the globe. While more and more businesses and public spaces are opening up again trying to get back to normal, the number of cases continues to rise in many hot spots. Therefore, the community is looking for solutions to slow the spread of the coronavirus. As specified by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, social distancing and contact tracing are among the countermeasures needed to slow the spread of the pandemic. It is an important follow-up step for virus testing. When an individual tests positive for the virus, contact tracing will identify other people that individual may have recently had close contact with. Those close contacts can then be notified of their heightened risk, so they may self-quarantine and get tested themselves if necessary.

In order to help companies to mantain the correct social distancing, Proxximity has developed D-fence


Product Description

D-fence platform is a Software as a Service (SaaS) cloud solution that collects data coming from the wearable devices to determine the level of contact made between users. The transmitted data contains only the codes of the contacted wristbands and does not expose any personal information. The platform also features a comprehensive visitor management system to allow tracking between employees and visitors. It is possible to generate contact tracing reports, as well as detailed contact analytics of who, when, and for how long. Every prevented case will help reduce the spread.

The companion APP is the connection between the wristband and the Platform. It shows the real time temperature measured by the wristband, and allows to setup the buzzer, the vibration and the sensitivity of the device. Periodically it collects the close contacts data from the wristband memory and send it to the platform. The App can be used on Windows, Android and IOS environments.

Our portable and versatile Bluetooth wristband can accurately measure the body temperature and detect the distance between devices. It is convenient for users to monitor their body temperature in real time an keep a proper social distance with others in public places suc as office, school, and so on. The close contact alarm recording function of the wristband is used to reliably track close contacts.

  • Support for BLE 5.1 protocol
  • Contact body temperature measurement
  • Support measuring distance between devices and alarm
  • low power indicator, USB rechargeable
  • IPX67 waterproof and dustproof/li>

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