Valletta Travel Companion

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Valletta Travel Companion

Audio guide for smartphones

It covers more than 160 points of interest, 11 chapters of history of the city, geolocation aware, available for Android, all text are read by a professional speaker, once activated it works locally and doesn't need any data or internet connection.

Pricing : € 4,00 + vat


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Product Review

A sample of our guide can be downloaded for FREE.  This sample includes the first 4 chapters of our History of Valletta and 7 points of interest.

If you want to enjoy the FULL version of our guide – which includes 11 chapters of History and more than 160 points of interest all around Valletta – you can activate it directly from our APP at a cost of only € 4.00 + VAT

Valletta Travel Companion turns your smartphone in your personal tour guide. With more that 160 points of interest covered, you will discover the hidden treasures of Valletta and its fascinating history from the time of the Knights of St John, to the present days.

Thanks to the geolocation software, there’s no need for you to follow any predetermined itinerary – each time you pass by a point of interest, Travel companion can automatically tell you all about it. Our software even helps you plan your visit and navigate your way around the city choosing any of the various modes of use.

This revolutionary audio guide will save you a fortune on organized tours while giving you a much more memorable and engaging experience in the city of the Knights. Once activated it doesn't require a live internet connection, so no data or roaming costs involved, and the guide never expires, it's yours to keep. So why not try Travel Companion today?

Listen to a sample of our guide:

  • Welcome to Valletta
  • The Great Siege
  • Guided tour

    In this mode, you can visit the city without a predeterminated itinerary. After setting the sensitivity of the range finder, you can walk around the city in any direction. The red marker on your phone screen shows your position on the map. The points of interest within range will appear on the map as blue markers. If there’s only one point of interest within range, an audio description starts automatically. If there’s more than one, swipe left to see a list of available points and their distances from you and select the one you want to hear first, and Travel Companion will start telling you about it.

    You’ll see a picture of it on your phone, and can read along too, if you like.

    Points of interest

    In this traditional mode of use, you can choose what you want to see from the searchable list of all of the points of interest covered in the guide.

    When found, click on the item of the list and an audio description starts automatically. A picture will be shown for 5 seconds and then the text of the audio will appear on the screen together with the map showing the position of the point of interest.


    Photo gallery

    This mode works as the previous, except for the searcheable list that is replaced by a photo gallery. Click on the image you want to explore and the description will start

    Since Travel Companion is yours to keep forever, you can use the photo gallery to relive the enjoyment of your day in Valletta once you get home.